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Tax and Accounting Blog: Finding the Signal in the Noise

The One Where We Got Started

Posted by Admin Posted on Nov 07 2019

As tax and accounting professionals, we are constantly reading up on the latest and greatest in our field. Things are changing all the time, for a variety of reasons. Congress could pass a new law. The IRS could issue a new pronouncement. The GAAP could amend its recommendations and requirements. Any or all of these are regularly occuring events and it is our job to sift through the unending changes so that we can be informed enough to provide our clients with the most current and correct advice.

After much deliberation, we have decided to introduce our own blog. The idea behind our blog will be to help our clients find the signal in all the noise that is out there. The noise can be the sheer volume of information or it could be because of the complexity surrounding tax and accounting best-practices. Either way, our aim will be to help find the signal. We will try to break things down in the simplest way possible so that our readers can quickly and easily be more informed on the topics that we present. 


All thoughts and opinions shared here are for informational purposes and should not be taken as personalized tax or accounting advice. Every situation and circumstance should be analyzed independently by you and your CPA.